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About Jade Reforestry

Trees root deep in the earth and grow  high in the sky. They are in balance with all life around them.

Jade Reforestry was founded by Jade Koop and with various partners they work passionately with, on and in the trees.

Jade Koop has always had a great interest and love for trees from an early age. By playing outside a lot and having ended up in the tree nursery at a young age, she has built up a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of trees. During her studies at the HAS she focused on topics such as  the influence of trees on soil, circular agriculture and especially agroforestry and tree cultivation. After working at other tree nurseries for about 10 years, she started her own company called Jade Reforestry.


Jade Reforestry specializes in integrating trees to restore natural ecosystem services. A tree is connected to all kinds of factors around it. When chosen correctly and with the right care, trees can restore the balance in their environment.

By growing trees in harmony, we work together with nature. We grow trees and shrubs for various purposes in a natural way. We mainly specialize in fruit-bearing trees and all kinds of trees and shrubs for agroforestry. Click here for a closer look at our nursery.  

In addition to growing trees and shrubs, Jade Reforestry provides layout plans and designs for all kinds of tree-inclusive plans. In addition, the planting of the trees is also taken care of if there is a demand for it. Jade Reforestry has been planting trees and shrubs for more than 10 years and is happy to help others with this so that the right tree comes to the right place (and has a good life there). We are also happy to provide aftercare by means of a management plan or to take care of the tree care.

Because Jade Reforestry is (literally) in the trees, you have come to the right place for a pruning job. With expertise in pruning fruit trees and other trees, Jade Reforestry not only takes care of its "own" trees but also other trees. Is there a branch in the way or is the tree not doing so well? Pruning offers many solutions. We don't like to cut trees and therefore only if it is necessary because of the insecurity.

Growing in harmony with nature

The right tree in the right place

tree care

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