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The Nursery

Jade Reforestry naturally grows all kinds of trees and shrubs (and some other plants). The range mainly consists of trees and shrubs for agroforestry and food forests. Below is a list to give you an idea of the range. If you are looking for specific things, please contact us, we do not have an active assortment list ready (but we are working on it).  






- Fruit trees such as apple, pear, plum, cherry, medlar

- Nut trees such as walnut, chestnut, butternut, pecan, almond

- Food forest species like pawpaw, honeyberry, onion soup tree, olive willow

- Agroforestry species such as forage hedges, hazelnuts, trees for orchards and row crops

- Berry bushes such as currants, black currant, josta berry, raspberry, olive willow, sea buckthorn

- Supporting plants such as comfrey and various herbs and seed mixtures

In addition to growing trees and shrubs in harmony with nature, we pay extra attention to sustainability in and around the nursery. We also work in a circular way and nothing or as little as possible is thrown away.

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